Beginner’s Pluck

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Catherine Doyle

Catherine remembers her mother saying, ‘regular pocket money must be earned, but you will always be supplied with books.’ “I read voraciously. I’d read 100 books for library readathons. And reading turned naturally to writing. Initially […]

Andrew Fox

Andrew wrote ‘the usual horrendous poetry,’ and song lyrics when he was in school, then in college, he started writing in earnest. “I began to write in a structured, serious way when I was having to […]

Colm Scully

Colm has always dabbled in poetry, but it’s only in the past six years or so that he’s begun to take it seriously. “Before that, life got in the way,” he says. He was working as […]

Róisín Fitzpatrick

Graduating with a business degree, Róisín worked for the European Commission; then after taking a Masters, moved to London and worked at the European Bank. When she contracted the illness ME – she was forced to […]

Miranda Sherry

Miranda was scared of failing at writing, so she studied drama to get affirmation. Gaining a diploma, she got a job she loved as a voice artist for children’s television. “I was a puppeteer and I […]

Sara Baume

Sara has always loved writing, but she thought of herself as an artist first. After art school, she worked in fine art. She had a few shows, and also did some art writing and criticism for […]

Brooke Davis

Reading Roald Dahl as a child, Brooke decided to become a writer. “He made me understand magic of words and where they could take you,” she says, citing Matilda as her favourite children’s book. She enjoyed […]

Derek Flynn

Derek loved reading and writing as a kid  – but it wasn’t until 1997, when he gave up his factory job in Waterford, and moved to New York with his wife, that he started writing in […]

Eimear O’Callaghan.

After university, Eimear went straight into journalism, working for the Irish News in Belfast. Then she moved to Dublin and worked for RTE as a TV news reporter. “I was there for two years, then, having […]

Damien Burke

After college Damien spent time in Australia before moving to England, where he taught IT in Nottingham, and then Birmingham. Whilst teaching, he met at archivist, and became fascinated in the skill, so, after returning to […]

Tara Flynn

Tara started life as an actor. After college she moved to Dublin and worked in the theatre, acting, and stage managing. In 1995, when she worked with the Nualas, she co-wrote songs, but it wasn’t until […]

Kate Winter

  Kate started telling rambling stories as a toddler. At 5, she wrote them down. But she didn’t start writing in earnest until she was in her late twenties. “I was in Australia, and I was […]