Beginner’s Pluck

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Jane Talbot

Daughter of schoolteachers, Jane has always loved storytelling and folk tales, but she didn’t start writing until she got the idea for her debut. After university she worked in marketing for four years, then, taking redundancy […]

Michael O’Higgins

Michael started life as a journalist. He worked for Hotpress, writing news based stories, and eventually moved to Magill. He was at the stage of gaining a staff job, but he’d always wanted to study law. […]

Mary Phelan

From the moment Mary Phelan and Catherine Conlon met in primary school back in 1974,they have been best friends. But at 18, Catherine left Ireland for an au-pair job in France, and she hasn’t lived in Ireland […]

Frankie Gaffney

Starting life in Balbriggan,  Frankie moved to inner-city Dublin at 12. He mitched from school, and in his early twenties, working in nightclubs, saw Dublin’s underside. “I partied like crazy.” He did a radio a radio […]

Eleanor Fitzsimons

Eleanor worked in consumer research for years; first in Dublin, then London, but after the birth of her first child, she decided not to return to work at once, and the new family returned to Dublin. […]

Kieran Fanning

Kieran had written two novels by the time he was ten years old. The first was called The Magic Sword, and the second, The Samurai. “I’ve always written short stories, and when I left college I […]

Jo Spain

Jo started her career as a Freelance journalist, but she’s always been interested in politics, and in 2007 she ran for election, and almost won. After that, she joined Leinster House as a parliamentary administrator, working […]

E.R. Murray

From a difficult background, Elizabeth excelled at school. “Books were my sanctuary.” Working to put herself through university, she then became a primary school teacher, working with children with special needs and emotional problems. After six […]

Andrea Carter

Andrea always wanted to be a barrister. But, unable, initially, to afford the Bar, she set up as a solicitor in Donegal, hoping to do lots of advocacy. “I started writing in a casual way,” she […]

Caroline Logue

Caroline Logue is the nom de plume of the journalist Sile McArdle. After university Caroline worked in London in management consultancy. She had great fun there, but after a few years realised that business wasn’t for […]

Rachel Elliot

A quiet child, Rachel was an obsessive reader, but she wanted to become a vet. “My passions were animals and books,” she says. After university Rachel did some post graduate work in sociology at Derby University. […]

Jeremy Massey

Beginner’s Pluck. Jeremy Massey. When Jeremy was 22, he worked full time in the family funeral business in Dublin. Then, going part-time, he lived above the business, and worked weekends and holidays until 2001, when his […]