Beginner’s Pluck

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Eleanor Hooker

Eleanor has been a secret writer all her life. After School she trained as a general nurse in Jervis street, where she met her husband, and became a staff nurse in intensive care. She trained as […]

Helen Corcoran

Helen decided to become a writer at eight years old. “I read an Amelia Jane book by Enid Blyton, and realised it was what I wanted to do. I wrote my first book at 11. It […]

Eoin Lane

Eoin won his first art competition aged six. And at seventeen, following his father’s death, he won a Francis McManus inaugural award for a short story. Spending childhood holidays in Connemara, he loved painting the landscape. […]

Susan Farrell

A prolific reader, Susan had read her way through most of Conan Doyle’s books by the age of 11. But her passion, as a child, was cooking. “My school didn’t encourage it, so I took my […]

Elaine Feeney

From a farming background of five children, Elaine was a quiet, observant child – a watcher. “I read a Kavanagh poem in secondary school and felt his isolation. I read Dylan Thomas aloud to myself at […]

Lisa Bradley

Lisa dreamed of becoming an author as a child but was happy when her MA got her into journalism. “I got offered my first reporting job on the Wakefield Herald two thirds of the way through […]

James Bailey

Mad about football, at 13, James decided to be a journalist. He reported for the local press; he founded a school newspaper and wrote a blog. At 17 at a random ECG screening, he was diagnosed […]

Jim O’Donoghue

Jim has been involved in The Neptune Basketball club since its inception in 1947. “My brother, Donal, was a founding member. At 9, I’d tag along with him as ball boy, and at 14, I togged […]

Joanna Fortune

From the time she was gifted a Petite typewriters as a child, Joanna has enjoyed writing. “I said I would be a writer or a journalist, but I became more interested in the psychological area. However, […]

Sinead Burke

A little person, Sinead has always received wonderful support from her family – they always said that there was nothing she could not do. And as a child, she always wanted to teach, but was also […]

Oein DeBhairduin.

A traveller, storytelling is part of Oein’s culture. He told his first, aged seven. He’s a big reader too. “In my childhood there were books everywhere,” he says. “When I moved to Dublin, I got a […]

Nydia Hetherington

An imaginative child, Nydia was unhappy at school. “I found it humiliating,” she says. “All I wanted to do was sit in my bedroom and listen to David Bowie. I found my diaries recently, and didn’t […]