Beginner’s Pluck

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Atoosa Sepehr

Atoosa was always interested in food, she was never allowed into the kitchen. “Mum said education was my job and cooking was hers. She loved food. So much love went into it.” After university Atoosa did […]

Wendy Erskine

Wendy had a wonderful English teacher in primary school. “An afternoon each week was dedicated to story writing. She would put up a picture to inspire us, and bring in mars bars for us to eat.” […]

Hannah Begbie

Hannah discovered the power of narrative aged 8. “I wrote a story about, ‘X’ and my classmates thought it was about one of them. It wasn’t.” She wrote a journal, every day from aged nine until […]

Helen Cullen

Helen didn’t start writing until she was 30. “I thought authors were born and not made. I had the desire to write before then, but not the confidence.” “I spent my college summers working in RTE. […]

Darragh Martin

As a child, Darragh wanted to be a journalist. Whilst at school, he had work experience in the then Cork Examiner’s Dublin office. “I had a tiny news article published,” he says. During college he had […]

Karl McDermott

Karl has always loved comedy. “We only had one TV channel when I was growing up, and I was obsessed with old black and white movies. I loved comedians like Danny Kaye and old Bob Hope […]

Joe Heap

Writing since he was 12, Joe completed four novels once he left university. “They went to agents but were all turned down.” Meanwhile, he was working as a sub titler, for news and sports. “You repeat […]

Tadhg Coakley

A lifelong, avid reader, Tadhg never thought that he could be a writer. After university he worked as a librarian and environmental researcher, starting in Cork City Library, then transferring to Cork Institute of Technology. “I […]

Charlene Allcott

As a child Charlene loved books. “I hung around in the library all day, and I wrote stories for friends at school, and for the school newspaper. But I didn’t think of myself as a writer. […]

Caoilinn Hughes.

When Caoilinn was ten, a pastiche she’d written of Father Ted was performed at her school. Encouraged, she started a novel.             “I asked my parents for feedback. When they laughed, hysterically, (it wasn’t a comedy,) I […]

Emilie Pine

Starting life in Dublin, Emilie’s family moved to London when she was a teenager, where she  dropped out of school and became a ‘wild child.’ At 16, saved by a private school, she gained a scholarship […]

Cethan Leahy

In college Cethan wrote short film scripts and had a story long-listed for a Penguin Competition. “I got to a workshop. It was really cool.” After his MA, Cethan got an internship in EMC, placing data […]