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Posted by Sue Leonard on Saturday 19th September 2015

Caroline Logue is the nom de plume of the journalist Sile McArdle. After university Caroline worked in London in management consultancy. She had great fun there, but after a few years realised that business wasn’t for her, so she returned to Ireland, and took a Masters in journalism.

“The Masters included placements,” she says. “I went to the  Longford Leader, and, after the Masters finished, they took me on to cover someone’s maternity leave.”

Next came a job with the Kildare Nationalist, and then the Leitrim Observer.

“I was also stringing for the National papers.”

She has worked for the Sunday Independent, and for the Evening Herald, where she was Features Editor.

Caroline had a few short stories published early in her career, but it was a creative writing weekend in 2011 that sparked her children’s book. During one of the exercises, a little girl, simply sprung into life.

“I wrote a version of the book a month later – it was long and intense. I quickly realised that you have to be logical, even if you are writing magical adventure.”

Two years later, after another creative weekend, she decided to knock the book into shape. Soon after that she acquired her publisher.   

Who is Caroline Logue 

Date of birth: In her forties. Brought up in North County Antrim.

Education: Dalriada Grammar School, Ballymoney. University College Dublin, Commerce; University College Galway; Masters in Journalism.

Home:  North Dublin.

The Day Job:  Freelance journalist. Sub-editing shifts, and features and travel writing.

Interests:  Jewellery deign; meditation; walking the dog.

Favourite Writers: Fay Weldon; P.G Wodehouse; Michael Bond; Roald Dahl; Oscar Wilde; Claire Keegan; John Boyne.

Second Novel: “It’s the second in the series. I’ve written the outline and have started working on it.”

Top Writing Tip:  “If you’re in this for the long haul, be aware that you may have to spend more time getting word of your book out there as you did actually writing it.”

Twitter: @carlogueauthor

The Debut: A Clock or a Crown? Little Island: €8.25.   Kindle: €6.25.

Jenny loves visiting her Aunt Jasmine. The minute she arrives, she goes up to a bedroom where she meets the gnome in hatbox. She jumps into a magic suitcase, knowing an adventure will begin.

The Verdict: Contains characters that children will love. 

Published in The Irish Examiner, 19th September, 2015.

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