Jeremy Massey

Posted by Sue Leonard on Monday 7th September 2015

Beginner’s Pluck. Jeremy Massey.

When Jeremy was 22, he worked full time in the family funeral business in Dublin. Then, going part-time, he lived above the business, and worked weekends and holidays until 2001, when his father sold the business.

Meanwhile, Jeremy was writing film scripts.

“I went to the Gaiety School of Acting. I realised the attraction of acting was being able to take part in stories. I’d watch three films a night, but I didn’t realise I had the ability to write.”

The nineties, he says, were a write off, fuelled  by alcohol and drugs, but in 2000, sober and clean, Jeremy lived in the West of Ireland, writing  numerous film scripts.

“I couldn’t stop writing, but I was becoming increasingly frustrated. There was some interest, and I had many options out, but it came to nothing.”

One script to attract interest was inspired  by a story from the funeral business.

“I’d been sitting with a family whose son, at 22, had been the victim of a hit and run. That stayed with me.”

And in 2006, by which time Jeremy had met his wife and moved to Melbourne, he began weaving that story into a novel. And he hasn’t looked back.

“I loved it. It felt like a natural progression. I immersed myself into the words. I have lots of ideas for other novels.”

Who is Jeremy Massey

Date of birth: 31st March 1970 in Dun Laoghaire, Co Dublin.

Education: Blackrock College; The Cistercian College Roscrea; The Institute of Education,  Leeson Street; The Gaiety School of Acting.

Home:  Melbourne, Australia.

Family: Wife, Holli. Children Lughnasa 9, Finnegan 8, and Coco 6.

The Day Job:  Fulltime writer.

Interests:  Movies; hanging out with family and friends.

Favourite Writers: John Fowles; Charles Bukowski; Campbell Armstrong.

Second Novel:  “I’m writing it. It’s set in the Renaissance.”

Top Writing Tip: “Write down your dreams before they evaporate; it’s a great exercise.”

The Debut: The Last Four Days of Paddy Buckley. Riverhead Books:  €17.40  Kindle: €13.46.

A young undertaker, Paddy Buckley’s life is uneventful; until the day that he accidentally kills two people. Sucked into a conflict with a Dublin mob, he uses his wits, but never loses his humanity.

The Verdict: Written with verve; informative, funny and fast moving.

Published in the Irish Examiner, 5th September, 2015    

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