Miranda Sherry

Posted by Sue Leonard on Saturday 14th February 2015

Miranda was scared of failing at writing, so she studied drama to get affirmation. Gaining a diploma, she got a job she loved as a voice artist for children’s television.

“I was a puppeteer and I loved it, but I felt miserable doing the musical stage work that followed. I tried to write, but I was in a relationship with a very talented playwright, and lost any confidence.”

Her writing started with songs and lyrics. Forming a band, she went to London and spent four years doing bar and catering work to make ends meet.

“I wrote my first book there. And when it was universally rejected, I wrote a second, and then a third. I was experimenting, learning my craft and I never felt I was writing, ‘the one.’”

She planned Black Dog Summer carefully, and spent months researching it, and working on the characters.

“I wanted to work on the theme of violence. Not on the act, but on the effect of violence on the lives that are left behind.”

And it worked! Sold for a six figure number, the book sold  to six countries.

“I’ll never forget hearing that. I was standing in my garden on my cell phone, stunned.”

Who is Miranda Sherry 

Date of birth: 11th June 1975 in Johannesburg

Education: Parktown Girl’s School, then  studied drama in College.

Home: Johannesburg

Family: Husband Grant. “He was in the band.”

The Day Job: Part Time managing website content.

Interests: “I’m a passionate gardener.  Being in my garden is my bliss.”

Favourite Writers: Hilary Mantel, Alice Hoffman, and I adore Tana French.

Second Novel: It’s set in the Cape, in South Africa.

Top Writing Tip: Discipline. Writer every day, even if it’s just a tiny bit.

Web: www.mirandasherry.com   Twitter: @miranda_sherry_

The Debut: Black Dog Summer: €9.99   Kindle:€3.96

 When Gigi’s mother is killed she leave the paradise of the African bush to live with her aunt, uncle and cousins in the suburbs. It takes months to get over her trauma – but why has her arrival made the household so uneasy? In the shadows, the spirit of her mother hovers, powerless to help.

“I wanted to explore what happens to all that energy when life is over.”

The Verdict: Beautifully written; profoundly moving.

Published in the Irish Examiner, 14th February 2015

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