Tara Flynn

Posted by Sue Leonard on Saturday 3rd January 2015

Tara started life as an actor. After college she moved to Dublin and worked in the theatre, acting, and stage managing. In 1995, when she worked with the Nualas, she co-wrote songs, but it wasn’t until she moved to London in 2006 that she started writing in earnest.

“I kept a notebook and wrote every day to keep myself busy between work. I generated ideas that way. Sometimes the ideas became songs, sometimes columns, and sometimes one woman shows.”

A stand up comic, she kept herself mainly on voice work. Now in Dublin, Tara has appeared on TV Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle and Irish Pictorial Weekly. She also makes satirical videos.

The book came out of a tweet.

“When the book ‘French women Don’t get Fat,’ came out, I got the idea for one titled, Irish women don’t get Cold. Years later I tweeted it, and Paul Howard messaged, ‘You must write that.’ A week later he rang me and said, ‘Ciara Considine at Hachette Ireland is waiting for your call.’

 Who is Tara Flynn

Date of birth:25th June 1969 in Kinsale County Cork.

Education: Our Lady’s Rosary Convent, Kinsale. UCC, English and French. Skived a lot for plays

Home: Dublin.

Family: Mum and Dad Sister Sara, husband Carl, and American Screenwriter.

The Day Job: Writing at the moment, but I’m essentially an actor. When I write I always think of a live audience.

Interests: I love cinema, music, and walking my dog, Oscar, a cocker spaniel.

Favourite Writers: Shakespeare, Margaret Attwood, Ian McEwan, Amy Poehler

Second Book: I’m working on ideas for another book.

Top Writing Tip: Be disciplined. I set my alarm, started at seven, and kept going until I had achieved my word count.

Web: taraflynn.ie Twitter: @taraflynn

The Debut: You’re Grand. Hachette Books Ireland: €12.99   Kindle: €5.65 

Sub titled, The Irishwoman’s secret guide to life, this is a hilarious look at Irish stereotypes. Intelligently written, it gives a real sense of what it means to be Irish, and shows the Irishwoman as someone who will get everything with a bit of humour.

“Finding something that was funny and kept it’s bite was the hardest thing. I made sure to put a joke on every page.” 

The Verdict: A great read. Funny, warm and affectionate.

Published in The Irish Examiner, 3rd January 2015

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