Catherine Doyle

Posted by Sue Leonard on Tuesday 17th March 2015

Catherine remembers her mother saying, ‘regular pocket money must be earned, but you will always be supplied with books.’

“I read voraciously. I’d read 100 books for library readathons. And reading turned naturally to writing. Initially I wrote poetry.”

After college,  Catherine had some publishing internships, and spent some time with Salmon poetry.

Always attracted to crime novels, Catherine liked it best when they also contained romance. And one night, falling asleep she got a sudden image of five shadowy brothers, standing side by side in front of a crumbling mansion.

“I wondered where they’d come from. I got up and started writing the scene like a snapshot. The book took me a year to finish.”

Initially Catherine got some rejections, but once she had redrafted the book, she was in demand, and secured her first choice agent, Claire Wilson.

“She got me an amazing deal. The book has sold to the UK, America, Australia, New Zealand, Portugal, Germany, Brazil, and the Philippines. I’m so grateful. I have to pinch myself.”

Who is Catherine Doyle

Date of birth: 10th March, 1990 in Galway.

Education: Dominican college in Taylors Hill in Galway. NUI Galway:  Psychology, then a Masters in Literature and Publishing.

Home: Galway.

Family: Parents, one older brother and one younger.

The Day Job: Full time writer.

Interests: Running, movies, playing the piano, and socialising.

Favourite Writers: JK Rowling: Sarah J Maas; Eoin Colfer; Maggie Stiefvater; Tolkien and CS Lewis.

Second Novel: “It’s the continuation; the second part of a trilogy. The first draft is done.”

Top Writing Tip: Read widely; read in the genre you want to write in. “Every book I read improves my writing.”

Web:  Twitter: @doyle_cat

 The Debut:  Vendetta. Chicken House:€9.99   Kindle: €6.85

 Life is boring in teenage Sophie’s Chicago Suburb until five brothers move in. But when she starts falling in love with Nic, she realises there are hidden dangers. Soon, she  finds herself torn between two warring families – one of them her own.

“Sophie grows in the books; she realises her own worth and identity. I wanted to show the strength of friendships. There’s lots of darkness in the book, but there’s humour too.”

The Verdict: A terrific YA book with a strong voice. Atmospheric; dark yet funny.

Published in The Irish Examiner, 14th March, 2015. 


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