Kate Winter

Posted by Sue Leonard on Tuesday 30th December 2014


Kate started telling rambling stories as a toddler. At 5, she wrote them down. But she didn’t start writing in earnest until she was in her late twenties.
“I was in Australia, and I was homesick, so I decided to give writing a go. I kept starting books, but pushing them away before they were finished.”

Back in Sligo, Kate became a career waitress, gradually rising to the role of Restaurant manager.
“I quit last month to focus on all kind of writing. ”

In 2010 she finished her debut, sending it to 10 agents. One expressed interest, then declined it, ringing after three years to say she did want to represent Kate.
“Ajda, who was at Luigi Bonomi Associates, then got a deal from Little Brown. It’s out on Kindle now, and comes out in paperback next Spring.”

Who is Kate Winter

Date of birth: 8th June 1980. Born in Sligo, but travelled, living in Corfu, Morocco and in a camper van until she was 8. Then back to Sligo.

Education: The Ursuline Convent; University of Ulster, Media studies.

Home: Strand Hill, Sligo.

Family: Mum Wendy, an artist. “She’s my first reader.” A brother, sister in law and a niece. Mischief, the dog, and Greebo the cat.

The Day Job: Journalist, Storyteller, Public Speaker, and Facilitator of the fun of writing.

Interests: Constantly distracted by boys, booze and shoes. “I’ve given up all three for now.”

Favourite Writers: Tom Robins, Colin Bateman, Marian Keyes, and Amy Jenkins’s book Honeymoon, which inspired me to write.

Second Novel: “I’m writing it. It’s bigger, darker and sexier than the debut.”

Top Writing Tip: Let it flow. And don’t worry if it feels like rubbish.

Web: www.winterwritings.wordpress.com Twitter: @katicut

The Debut: The Happy Ever Afterlife of Rosie Potter, RIP. Little Brown: Paperback next Spring. Kindle: €2.50.

Rosie Potter wakes up to a scene of devastation. Soon, she realises she is dead. But who killed her? Was it her boyfriend as everyone seems to think? Having fun haunting her friends, she realises one is able to see her. So starts a tender love story.

“It’s not a great deep novel. I want to make people laugh and bring them joy.”

The Verdict: Wildly original; zany, bubby and sweet

Published in the Irish Examiner, 27th September 2014.

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