Beginner’s Pluck

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Lily Lindon

At 14, Lily wrote what she thought was a great work of fiction – until she realised that she had plagiarised Agatha Christie. “I loved music and drama too. I played the piano, and the trombone.” […]

E.V. Kelly

Ellen grew up in a household of writers. “My mum wrote short stories, just for herself, and my dad had some poetry published.” After college, Ellen became a researcher for the health board – working with […]

Rosamund Taylor.

Rosamund was a dreamy child, who enjoyed making up stories.             “I was an only child,” she says, “and I was great at entertaining myself.” She was introduced to poetry at 10, through the Puffin collection, […]

Bobby Palmer

Bobby has always wanted to create something. “As a kid I wanted to be a comic book writer,” he says. “I was obsessed with drawing and colouring in.” After university Bobby jumped straight into journalism. “I […]

Louisa Reid

Louisa was an early reader.               “My mother took me to mass every week. I’d follow her finger along the lines of her hymnbook, grasping language.” She discovered poetry in her teens, reading it, and, […]

Frances Flannery

Leaving school, Frances had no idea what she wanted to do, so, having taken a commercial course, she went to London using her Pitman skills to work in offices.             “I worked in every business including […]

Tony O’Reilly.

As a child, Tony loved his local library, enjoying science fiction, and novels by Alastair MacLean at an early age. Leaving school at 16, he went into the printing industry as a pre-press technician rising to […]

Sean Hewitt.

The middle of three brothers, Seán remembers his childhood as a time of freedom.             “I was a very self-sufficient child. I read a lot, and wandered around, fishing in the stream, or making an ant […]

Niamh Mulvey

Leaving college, Niamh had no idea what she wanted to do. “I loved writing, always, but I didn’t think I could be a writer.” Instead, she worked in primary schools teaching English, History and Irish, teaching […]

Claire Alexander.

As a child, Claire Alexander lived in her imagination. “I was active and had lots of friends, but reading and writing stories became my safe place.” After her degree, Claire did some freelance work for a […]

Barbara Scully.

A lifelong reader, Barbara has always enjoyed travel. “I always wanted to be an air hostess,” she says. “Aer Lingus was impossibly glamorous – the hostesses were like ambassadors for the country.” She grew too tall, […]

Aingeala Flannery.

At 15, Aingeala wrote Junior GAA reports for the Clondalkin Echo. But after college, with unemployment rife, she taught Secondary School Irish.             “After a year I went off travelling,” she says. “I spent my twenties […]