Lily Lindon

Posted by Sue Leonard on Friday 28th October 2022

At 14, Lily wrote what she thought was a great work of fiction – until she realised that she had plagiarised Agatha Christie.

“I loved music and drama too. I played the piano, and the trombone.”

Studying English at Cambridge, Lily threw herself into drama – and was a member of Spotlights.  

            “I directed for the Edinburgh Fringe and wrote sketches and plays.”

Leaving in 2018, Lily received multiple job rejections, but was offered an internship at Penguin.

“I started in children’s books publicity, and moved around, ending in editorial at Vintage. I worked there until last year.”

Meanwhile, during lockdown in London, Lily wrote her debut.

“I was living with my then boyfriend, and two other friends. I’d come out as bisexual some years before but wasn’t totally ‘out’.”

Writing the book helped her to explore her sexuality.

“I needed to be queer somewhere. The book was enjoyable to write. It was easy to fill the page, but it went through multiple edits.”

At Christmas 2020, Lily acquired agent Hellie Ogdensent, and in March 2021, after another edit, she sold the book at auction.

Who is Lily Lindon?

Date of birth: 1995 in Hastings.

Education: Battle Abbey; Cambridge University, English.

Home: Walthamstow, London.  

Family: “I’m single at the moment. My family are my Mum, my siblings, and my nephew, Bob. And I’m living with my best friend, Amy.”

The Day Job: “I work 4 days a week as part of the editorial team for Novelry”.

In Another Life: “I’d love to have the talents of High Laurie. He turned himself from a bumbling actor to the highest earning one. And then he became a jazz musician. He’s so chic!”

Favourite Writers: Terry Pratchett; Virginia Woolf; Iris Murdoch; Laura Kay; Emma Hughes; Bethany Rutter.

Second Novel: “I’m editing it now.”

Top Tip: “Write and edit separately rather than editing the first draft as you go along.”

Instagram: @bookymcbookface  

The Debut: Double Booked. Head of Zeus: €16.99. Kindle: €1.16.

Georgina is confused. A piano teacher, she longs to perform her own music. She’s, almost, engaged to her boyfriend, but feels attraction for the drummer in a lesbian pop band. Is she bisexual? Wanting both lives, she splits herself in two.

The Verdict: Funny, smart, bubbly, and thought provoking.

Published in the Irish Examiner on 10th September.


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