Rosamund Taylor.

Posted by Sue Leonard on Friday 28th October 2022

Rosamund was a dreamy child, who enjoyed making up stories.

            “I was an only child,” she says, “and I was great at entertaining myself.”

She was introduced to poetry at 10, through the Puffin collection, I Like This Poem.

            “I started writing poetry when I was 13, but the poems wouldn’t do what I wanted them to. I kept on trying.

“I didn’t enjoy the academic side of school, or college. It wasn’t for me. I wanted to be creative, and there was no space for that.”

At 19, Rosamund moved to Edinburgh, and drifted a bit.

“I was training to be a vet nurse, and I worked in vet surgeries and animal shelters.”

She returned to Ireland when she became unwell with fibromyalgia. That’s when writing became her main focus.

“I was always writing poetry, but I thought that wasn’t real writing, and that I should write a novel. So, at 24, I wrote one with a magical element. It wasn’t until I took a class in poetry that I realised writing poems was a legitimate thing to do.”

Since then, Rosamund has been published widely, and has won numerous prizes, including the London Magazine Poetry Prize, and The Martin Crawford Award.

Who is Rosamund Taylor?

Date of birth:  1989 in Dun Laoghaire, County Dublin.  

Education: “I went to Conleth’s College, Dublin, for 5th and 6th year. I really liked it.”  Trinity College, Dublin, Classics, but dropped out after a year.

Home: Dun Laoghaire, County Dublin.  

Family: Wife, Milena. 3 cats Fifi. Selkie, Myszka.

The Day Job: Organising Poetry Readings and Events for the DLR Lexicon Library.  

In Another Life: “I’d have liked to work in the rehabilitation of wild animals.”  

Favourite Writers: Mary Oliver; Alice Oswald; Stephen Sexton; Ada Limon; Ursula Le Guinn.

Second Book. “I’m working on a book length poem, and a second collection of poetry.”

Top Tip: “Read everything, and from any genre.”

Website:     Twitter: @rosamundtaylor.

The Debut: In Her Jaws. Banshee Press: €10.00.

In this wonderfully diverse collection, the author takes us on a voyage of survival and transformation. The forceful poems cover a myriad of subjects from sorcery and astronomy to queer love.

The Verdict: Astonishingly assured. We’ll be hearing more from this talented writer.

Published in the Irish Examiner on 27th August.

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