Frances Flannery

Posted by Sue Leonard on Wednesday 26th October 2022

Leaving school, Frances had no idea what she wanted to do, so, having taken a commercial course, she went to London using her Pitman skills to work in offices.

            “I worked in every business including Saatchi and Saatchi,” she says. “And then I worked in publishing which I enjoyed.”

This led her to study graphic design.

            “In 2002, I became the first in-house designer for Dublin’s Brown Thomas,” she says, “but after a few years I had to leave the job with health issues. I set up my own business in 2006, designing wedding stationary on the web, then I decided to study e-business and went to live in the South of Spain.”

Back in Ireland, she and her mother came up with a concept for gut health. They created the Vitality Centre – opening three clinics.

            “And I wrote Gut Happiness, and had a book deal, until it fell through because of Covid.”  

During Covid, Frances penned her novel during an MPhil. She set up the Leopold Bloom Press and published her own book as a starting point.

            “The idea is to publish in Ireland, then having found readers and sponsors, take the books to the UK.”

Who is Frances Flannery?

Date of birth: 1982 in London. “We moved to Ireland when I was four.”

Education: St Mary’s Convent of Mercy, Navan; Dublin Institute of Technology, Graphic Design; Trinity College Dublin. M Phil in Creative Writing.

Home: Dublin.

Family: “My mum is my inspiration. My uncle, Eugene Cassidy is a writer, and my sister, Caroline is a high-profile interior designer.”

The Day Job: Running the Vitality Centre and establishing Leopold Bloom Press.

In Another Life: “The Leopold Press is my dream. It’s like a fantasy to be watching it progress.”

Favourite Writers: Patrick Suskind; Thomas Hardy; James Joyce; Walter Scott.

Second Novel: “I’m writing a second novel.”

Top Tip: “Don’t let rejection put you off.”

Website:   Instagram: @leopoldbloompress.

The Debut: Writing Man: Leopold Bloom Press: €17.50.  

Son of an esteemed author, Tobias Pilferhoff looks and acts the part of a great writer. But it’s not until he translates a tour de force found deep in his dead father’s desk drawer that recognition comes his way. Will his theft be discovered?

The Verdict: An uplifting story beautifully told.


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