Louisa Reid

Posted by Sue Leonard on Friday 28th October 2022

Louisa was an early reader.  

            “My mother took me to mass every week. I’d follow her finger along the lines of her hymnbook, grasping language.”

She discovered poetry in her teens, reading it, and, later on, writing it.  

            “But without success.”

Having gained her degree at Oxford University, Louisa moved to London and worked in various temping jobs while she decided what to do. Then it was off to Cambridge University to gain a teaching qualification.

            “I started working as a teacher in a Norfolk High School, then I taught in Hills Road 6th form college in Cambridge.”

That was followed by a job in Highgate School in London.

            “After some maternity leave, I taught in St Mary’s, Cambridge, and then I followed my husband, an academic, back North, and I’m teaching in the school I went to.”

In between all that, Louisa has done some tutoring, exam marking and Teaching English as a Foreign Language. (TEFAL)

She has written four young adult books; two were nominated for the Carnegie Medal; and she started writing The Poet during the first lockdown.

“I was doing a lot of reading, but little writing, and I told myself if I didn’t write a novel while I had the time, I would regret it.”

Who is Louisa Reid?

Date of birth:  1975 in Cheshire.

Education: Loretto Grammar School, Altrincham; Oxford University, English; Cambridge University, Postgraduate Certificate in Education.  

Home: Altrincham, near Manchester.  

Family: Husband, Alastair. Daughters Eve, 19, and Scarlett, 16.

The Day Job: English teacher at Loretto Grammar School, Altrincham.  

In Another Life: “I’d be an actor performing at the Royal Shakespeare Company.”

Favourite Writers: Tennyson; Charlotte Mew; Amy Lowell; Simon Armitage; Warsan Shire. Joyce Carol Oates; Susannah Dickey.

Second Novel: “My next YA book, Activist, comes out in October.”

Top Tip: “Read and read and read.”

  Twitter: @louisareid.

The Debut: the poet. Doubleday: €20.95    Kindle: €9.49.

An academic star, and prizewinning poet, Emma’s confidence has seeped since she moved in with her old professor; he manipulates her and undermines her constantly, and she’s losing control. When he oversteps the mark, should she keep quiet, or is it time to fight back?

The Verdict: Passionate, compulsive, beautiful and haunting – the ending will take your breath away.

Published in the Irish Examiner on 13th August.


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