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Ken O’Sullivan

Spending all his childhood summers, fishing, on Fenit Island, Ken has always felt at one with the sea. “I connected with it; with the seasons and the tide.” He also loved music. And when he left […]

Review. The Danger and the Glory. Irish Authors on the Art of Writing

How do writer’s write? Where does their inspiration come from, and what is their process of putting their words on the printed page? All this holds endless fascination for passionate readers, and for those who, eager […]

David Brennan

David read everything he could, as a child, and in his teens he loved poetry. “I wrote my first poem when I was on detention,” he says. “I loved Emily Dickinson and John Milton, but, playing […]

Anna Hope

There’s a scene in Anna Hope’s new novel, where Lissa, an actress auditioning for a TV advertisement, is told to flirt with a plate of chocolate cookies in front of a roomful of men. It’s humiliating […]

Debut Roundup November/December 2019

Call Him Mine by Tim MacGabhann. Weidenfeld & Nicholson. ISBN 978 1 4746 1045 2` There’s been a dearth of interesting debuts by Irish males of late, so I was pleased when this literary thriller by […]

Pat Marry

Pat has wanted to be a Garda since he encountered one, aged 8. He applied at 17. “They said, ‘you’re too skinny, go and get flesh on your bones – and you have to be 18 […]

Jed Lynch

Jed has always been involved in something creative. “I was the youngest of 7 children. The house was full of books. I read all kinds of stuff; everything from The Mallory Towers, to Nietzsche.” There was […]

Elizabeth MacDonald

Elizabeth’s first love was music. She studied piano from aged 6 at The College of Music, and she loved singing, but not performing. “I couldn’t do it. I felt as if I was getting a heart […]

Review. Night Swimming by Doreen Finn.

It’s Dublin, 1976, the summer of the heatwave, and at nine years old, Megan is happy. She hangs out with her next-door neighbour, Daniel, whilst her talented mother, Gemma, spends her days painting in the attic. […]

Alex Barclay

Alex Barclay hasn’t had a holiday in six years. And for the past two years she has been on a writing lockdown. Never a stranger to hard work, she has taken on a particularly large burden […]

Helena Duggan

Helena wrote a lot as a small child, but at secondary school, she was discouraged because she wasn’t great at grammar or spelling. A teacher in fourth year changed all that. “She saw through my spelling […]

Lucy Sweeney Byrne

Writing is second nature to Lucy; her father was a film and music critic and her mother an English teacher who wrote. “I wrote my first book at six years old. My grandmother said they would […]