Beth Morrey

Posted by Sue Leonard on Friday 6th March 2020

Beth has always wanted to write. Aged 5, she wrote a long story about Icarus. And though she tried to write during her twenties, she wasn’t ready. And besides she hadn’t the time.

“After university, I went straight into the BBC, devising a show for Noel Edmunds. But after three months he left the BBC and I lost my contract.”

She spent two years trying to get back into TV, but then worked in the medium for 20 years, stopping recently, to concentrate on writing.

“My career has been in development.  I really liked the writing and selling element. I worked for the BBC on entertainment development and was then Creative Director of Development at RDF. I worked on the Secret Life of 4-year olds.

“I wrote the book in three months when I was on maternity leave. It’s the best thing. It makes me very happy.” 

Who is Beth Morrey?

Date of birth: 1977 in Chesterfield, Derbyshire.

Education:   Lady Manners Schools, Bakewell. Cambridge University, English.

Home: North London.

Family: Tom Price, a radio presenter, sons Wilfrid 7 and Edmund, 4.

The Day Job: Fulltime writer.

In Another Life: “I’d love to be a pianist. I can play – I took my Grade 8, but I’ve no natural talent.”

Favourite Writers: Nick Hornby; Sue Townsend; MR Carey; Jilly Cooper; LM Montgomery.

Second Novel: “I’ve written some drafts of my second book. It’s about ambition.”

Top Tip: Write really fast without thinking, and then take stock and think a lot. Plan the huge things and some tiny things but leave some room for unexpected things to happen.

Website:   Twitter: @bethmorrey

The Debut: Saving Missy. Harper Collins: €14.99. Kindle: €5.88. 

At 79, Missy Carmichael is lonely. Rattling around at home she misses her husband of many years. She’s spiky and difficult, resisting overtures from neighbours in the local park. She knows the loneliness is her own fault but doesn’t think she deserves a better life.

When a dog is landed on her, she’s horrified, but can this herald a new start?

“My central premise is that if you take someone who lacks confidence, and give them something, everything else can follow.” 

The Verdict: An absolutely gorgeous debut. Heart-warming, tender and totally compulsive. I loved it!


Published in The Irish Examiner on 14th March 

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