Beginner’s Pluck

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Colin Black

Colin loved English at school, but he decided to study physiotherapy for job security. After a year he switched to medicine and, after completing his initial training, took a foundation year at St Vincent’s Hospital in […]

Jade Jordan

Jade has always wanted to be an actor. She attended acting classes as a child, but the course of her career hasn’t always been smooth. In 2016, struggling to get parts in the UK, she was […]

Rosaleen McDonagh.

Rosaleen always had a curiosity about books, but growing up a Traveller in Sligo, Donegal and Dublin, attending a special school, she never had the chance. “All through my life people just said I was thick, […]

Luke Cassidy

Luke has always been drawn to books – but he was discouraged from taking English at university. After his MA, he spent a year in Japan teaching English, and on the way home, travelling overland, he […]

E.D Thompson

Leaving school at 16, Eirin moved to London – then travelled a bit before returning to Northern Ireland where she trained as a journalist.               “I worked as a local reporter for some years, and […]

Grace Wilentz

Grace’s father ran a beatnik bookstore in Greenwich Village, so shegrew up around ageing poets. “Ted Jones used to visit my family, and he asked me about my dreams – then he made up poems for […]

Mel O’Doherty

Mel became interested in writing when he was introduced to the novels of Thomas Hardy– but he was in his late twenties when he decided to take action.             “I joined a writing course run in […]

Seamas O’Reilly

One of 11 children, Séamas has always loved reading and music. He played the flute as a child.             “There were 2 cellos in our house,’ he says. “2 pianos, 4 violins and 3 flutes.” He […]

Stephen Walsh

A shy child, Stephen spent his time reading, playing computer games and playing the guitar. He also wrote.             “At nine, I told my mother I wanted to be a writer, and she said, ‘well do […]

Trev Burke

Badly dyslexic, at a time this wasn’t fully recognised, Trev struggled at school. “I loved drawing in primary school, but that skill disappeared when I was a teenager.” During and after college, Trev worked in bars […]

Anamaría Crowe Serrano

Brought up bilingual in County Meath – Anamaría has a Spanish mother and Irish father – she moved to Dublin for college and has lived there since. Straight after getting her MA, Anamaría worked in the […]

Harriet Kline

Becoming a writer has been a long-held ambition for Harriet. But being, also, interested in the analytical side of theatre, she chose to study drama with English. “I liked getting inside people’s heads through drama improvisation, […]