Launch of Whispering Hope

Posted by Sue Leonard on Wednesday 3rd June 2015

My latest Ghosting, Whispering Hope was launched in The Mansion House last Friday, 28th May, by MaryLou McDonald, TD. Four of the five Magdalene Survivors attended the launch.

They were, (left to right,) Marina Gambold; Nancy Costello: Marie Slattery and Diane Croughan.

Anna Valentine, our editor from Orian also attended, and many writers came out in support. These included Kate Beaufoy, Kathleen McMahon, Catherine Dunne, Lia Mills, imageKatie Donovan, Claudia Carroll, Eleanor Fitzsimons, Maria Murphy, Margaret Scott, and Louise Hall.


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  • Hi Sue, I bought the book yesterday afternoon, and finished it this morning !!
    I have my own story to tell……my mother was in one of these Industrial schools……she never got over it either, and my birth family found me, eight days after she had died…..two,years ago today.
    I have been trying to figure out how to go about writing everything down…..I wondered if you could help me or give me advice……would be nice to speak to you……I do realise you are probably too busy, but I thought it was worth
    asking…….the book was amazing……so so emotional, no words can convey……but thank you for it…….Ann.

  • I’m sorry to have taken so long to reply to you. I’m glad you enjoyed the book so much. (Or appreciated it – perhaps enjoy isn’t the right word.

    I’d be happy to chat to you at some stage.


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