Shane Cradock

Posted by Sue Leonard on Friday 24th February 2023

As a child, Shane loved sport, and drama.

“I was always putting on plays for my friends and family.”

After college, he worked for Bord na Móna.

“I was on the graduate programme working in New Business Development, coming up with new ideas to make money. It was interesting. After 18 months I moved to Pepsi-Cola International and stayed for 5 years on a management development programme. Then I woke up and thought, this isn’t for me.”

During that time Shane had been suffering from depression, and it was through counselling that his life found a new direction.  

            “I worked as a counsellor to small businesses, and shared what I’d learned, then I joined a client, an accountant in a new business – a kind of one stop shop for entrepreneurs. He was good on the money side, and I handled the business and personal,” he says. “After five years, in 2008, I sold my stake and set up my own business.”

It was during this time, through marketing, that Shane realised he could write.

            “I wrote stories and scripts for fun,” he says.

His first play, put on in Kilkenny won an award, and for his second, The Waiting Room, he hired professional actors, and took it on a mini tour – ending at the Smock Alley theatre.

Who is Shane Cradock?

Date of birth: 1971 in Dublin but brought up in Kilkenny.

Education: CBS in Kilkenny: University College Dublin, Biochemical engineering.

Home: Ashford, County Wicklow.

Family: Wife Judy, Jane 15, and Sam 13.

The Day Job: A coach and mentor to leaders and entrepreneurs.

In Another Life: “I’d make movies.”

Favourite Writers: Anthony de Mello; Michael Connolly; Michael Singer; Matthew Syed.

Second Book: The Inner CEO. A user’s guide for leading your inner world.

Top Tip: Show up and write. And keep writing.

Website:  Twitter: @shanecradock

The Debut: Inspire Me. Life Wisdom to Pass On. Printed by Ivory Publishing: €14.99. Kindle: €9.33.

This debut is a distillation of Shane’s working practice. It’s an easy-to-read blend of quotes, stories, insights and challenges covering a load of information on a range of topics and aspects of life.

The Verdict: An accessible, useful and practical guide on how to work and live better.

Published in the Iris Examiner on 17th December.

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