Sara Alexander

Posted by Sue Leonard on Sunday 7th May 2017

Sara started acting at 9 years old. In work ever since, in the theatre film and TV, (apart from breaks to travel,) she’s appeared in Harry Potter, Dr Who and Franco Zeffirelli’s Sparrow. Writing came to her later.

“I’ve trailed the phantom of my late aunt around my brain for ages; I wanted to explore her story, and when I was in New York and my second son was four months old, I wasn’t ready for work, but wanted something to do. I found a writing workshop, and got dug in. My tutor there eventually became my literary agent.” 

Who is Sara Alexander.

Date of birth: August 1976, in London. (But spent all her holidays in Sardinia.)

Education:  Hampstead Comprehensive school . “It was wonderfully artistic. Zadie Smith was in my English class. I loved it.” Bristol University; Theatre, Film and Television. “It was 50pc academic. We learned about producing,  directing, choreographing. It was enriching.”  Drama Studio, London: Diploma in acting.

Home:  London. “But we’re back and forth to the states.”

Family: Husband, actor Cory English; two sons, Sammy, 10 and Cosmo 4.

The Day Job: Acting, voice over work, and writing. “I’ve just signed a 2 book deal.”

In Another Life:  “Either an opera diva, or a chef.”

Favourite Writers: Joanne Harris; Isabel Allende; Tracy Chevalier; Donna Tartt.

Second Novel: “A story based on a friend’s family set in Positano from the 1950’s to the present.”

Top Tip: “Don’t become a hermit. Seek out classes and support groups. Reaching out, and reading other people’s work, was hugely beneficial to me.”

Web: Twitter: @authorsaraalex

The Debut: Under a Sardinian Sky. HQ: €9.55. Kindle: €2.44. 

It’s 1952, and farmer’s daughter Carmella is to marry into one of the wealthiest families in her Sardinian town. Everyone is happy for her, but she has doubts. He’s overly possessive and this becomes more evident when she meets the American, Captain Joe Kavanagh.

In present day London, Mina wants to learn Carmella’s story. Her aunt disappeared and nobody will talk about it. She decides to investigate.

“The story is tightly based on my family. I haven’t changed names, but the love triangle at the centre is fictitious.”

The Verdict: A deliciously rich family saga with a gloriously sensuous setting.

Published in The Irish Examiner on 6th May.

© Sue Leonard. 2017

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