Lynn Buckle.

Posted by Sue Leonard on Wednesday 5th December 2018

A voracious, indiscriminate reader, Lynn’s first love has always been art.

“Painting was my thing.”

Lynn spent a year after university working for the civil service, then the county council as a groundsman, before attending art college.

Moving to West Cork in 1988, she joined a new age hippy commune.

“I discovered it was very patriarchal, but it was hard to get out and back to society, because I was pregnant and with a violent fellow. I ran away several times, before being helped to leave him for good. Life was chaotic.”

Lynn set up a group to school the commune’s children, as well as opening a safe place for women where they could wash and find solace.

“Then I taught in the local school. I was still producing art, and running summer schools.”

In 2003 Lynn moved to Kildare, where she taught art in secondary schools, and worked for the HSE, running day centres for elderly people.

“Once a week we manned the Senior helpline phoneline. I started writing four years ago ago, when my middle daughter developed Chiari malformation, along with her seven year old daughter. Nursing them, I could not create art, and had to sell my studio, but I could write.”

Who is Lynn Buckle

Date of birth: 1965 in Bristol.

Education:  Comprehensive school in Backwell; Warwick University, Art History; Camberwell College of Art, (Dropped out when became politically and socially active.)

Home: Kildare.

Family: Single mother to Ciara, 28,  Holly, 26 and Sienna, 13.

The Day Job: Fulltime writer.

In Another Life: “I’d employ a PA, a cleaner, and someone to mind my sick daughter and granddaughter so that I could continue to paint, teach and write.”

Favourite Writers: Anna Burns; Lisa McInerney; Eimear McBride; June Caldwell.

Second Novel: “It’s finished. I’m waiting for a publisher, and have started a third.”

Top Tip:  “Read voraciously. Read everything. And join a writing group.”

Website:    Twitter: @lynn­_buckle

The Debut: The Groundsmen. époque press: €10.28. Kindle: €5.68.

This grounbreaking novel shows a family embroiled in the deepest dysfunction. Louis is in denial from the secrets of his past, whilst his wife retreats from the world. Their daughters, Andi and Cassie find different ways to endure life.

The Verdict: Stark and shocking, yet lyrical.


Published in The Irish Examiner on 27th October. 

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