Emma Comerford

Posted by Sue Leonard on Saturday 12th December 2015

Emma was brought up in a house full of books. Her father, a solicitor, wrote some legal textbooks, and in the sixties he wrote plays which were performed in the Abbey Theatre. Emma didn’t write as a child, but she was the class clown and was always telling stories.

“I was very rebellious at my convent school,” she says. “I couldn’t wait to get away, and I wasn’t interested in going to college.”

She worked as a motorbike courier in Dublin before leaving Ireland and travelling.

“I lived in squats in London, then lived in America, waitressing and fruit picking. Then I decided to go to college. I studied IT.”

Qualified, she worked in Brazil and Portugal, where she became pregnant, so it was home to have the baby.

“We moved back 11 years ago, and built a house near my parents.”

Emma was inspired to write her book when she read How to be a Woman by Caitlin Moran.

“I thought it was about time someone wrote about Irish women. I wrote the book at night, over two years.”

Who is Emma Comerford 

Date of birth: 12th April 1968 in Galway.

Education: Dominican Convent in Galway.

Home:  Shores of Lough Corrib.

Family: Husband Pat, sons Paddy 11 and Rían 4.

The Day Job: Project manager in IT, for an American Company in Galway.j

Interests:  “I’m on the go all the time. We go to gigs a lot, and do stuff with the kids. I love art too. I studied it for six months.”

Favourite Writers: Kevin Barry; Anne Enright: Colin Barrett; David Sedaris: Irving Walsh.

Second Novel: There will be a second book; I’m juggling ideas.

Top Tip: Put a swear word in the title of your book!

Web: www.emmalmcomerford.wordpress.com

Twitter: @elmcom

The Debut: Irish Bitches Be Crazy €9.99 Kindle: €8.30 

An irreverent resume of everything you ever wanted to know about Irish women, from beauty regimes, to attending funerals; told as part expose and part a how to guide. How many people can you tell when you are sworn to secrecy?

“There’s a lot of me in the book. I’m intentionally provocative and madly generalising; the book is not meant to offend.”

The Verdict: A stylish funny read; perfect for Christmas.

Published in The Irish Examiner on 12th December, 2015 

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