Don Cameron

Posted by Sue Leonard on Tuesday 24th March 2015

An Articled Accountant, Don worked in Dublin for many years, before going to London.

“It was the mid-eighties. Everyone was leaving Ireland, he says.”

He spent time there working for semi-state bodies, and ended up in the Department of Education in Westminster, just as Tony Blair came to power.

“It was a wonderful time in education. There was lots of money allocated to it.”

It was during this time that Don started writing. He went to a few classes, and wrote short stories. Over the years he’s had about 40 of them published. He now has a column with the Dublin based paper, The Gazette.

 It took Don two years to write his debut thriller. He entered it for the New Island RTE Get Your Book Published Competition a week before the deadline, and in March, 2014, heard that he had won.

Who is Don Cameron

Date of birth: 24th May, 1953 in Dublin.

Education: CBS Westland Row.

Home: Rathfarnham.

Family: Sister, Millie, brother Niall, lots of nephews and nieces.

The Day Job: Part Time Accountant.

Interests: Watching sport, especially football. “My father played for Everton. I had trials with them and Manchester City when I was 14. I like golf, and photography.”

Favourite Writers: Frederick Forsyth; Kathy Reichs: RJ Ellory: John Connolly.

Second Novel: A follow on from Marked Off. I’ve started it.

Top Writing Tip: You have to read, to see how a book should be written and should not be written. And get the dialogue right, making sure the rhythm is sound. Also, expect to fail.

Web: Twitter: @donsdublin

The Debut: Marked Off. New Island: €13.99   Kindle: €9.80 

Inspector Danny O’Neill is called to Booterstown in leafy South Dublin where a local woman has been brutally murdered, stabbed with a pencil. She has no enemies, and it seems a motiveless murder. When more women are murdered in a similar way, it’s clear a serial killer is on the loose.

There are several false clues and dead ends, but then a potential victim survives. Will O’Neill be able to catch the killer before he wreaks even more havoc?

The Verdict:  A well-written page turner with believable characters. The damaged fitness fanatic, Danny O’Neill, is particularly well drawn. I couldn’t put it down.

Published in The Irish Examiner on 21st march, 2015.

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