Daisy McNally

Posted by Sue Leonard on Friday 4th January 2019

The third of five children, Daisy gained her love of books from her mother.

“She was a great reader.”


After university, Daisy moved to London and worked in publishing, starting out as an editorial assistant.

“And I worked in sales for a while.”

She continued in publishing, working for various companies, until her marriage in 2002.

“We then went to live in the country, in Wiltshire.”

In 2013, after her divorce, Daisy moved to Oxford.

“I was feeling lonely and I attended Creative Writing classes in Oxford’s Department of Continuing Education. It was a lifeline.”

After taking a diploma in Creative Writing, Daisy signed up for a Masters at Bath Spa University, coming out with Distinction.

“I wrote a novel, but nobody was interested in it.”

She then got the idea for her debut.

Daisy hadn’t tried writing earlier in life because she didn’t believe she was good enough.

“I’d been brought up to believe I would marry a nice man and that would be it!”


Who is Daisy McNally?

Date of birth: 20th March, 1974, in Hampshire.

Education: North Foreland Lodge. “I hated it!” Durham University, English Literature. Bath Spa University, MA in Creative Writing and currently finishing a PhD.

“I’m writing a novel. I meet once a month with my supervisor, Samantha Harvey.”

Home: Oxford and Lymington

Family: partner, James. Children from her marriage, Rory,14, and Isobel, 12.

The Day Job: Fulltime writer.

In Another Life: “I’d loved to be holed up in the Scottish Highlands, doing something outdoorsy.”

Favourite Writers: Virginia Woolf; Deborah Levy; Amy Sackville; Samantha Harvey.

Second Novel: “I’m writing it for my PhD and enjoying it.”

Top Tip: “The same as my running tips; don’t panic, slow down, and keep going.”

Twitter: @daisy_McNally

The Debut: I See Through You. Orion: €10.14.   Kindle: €1.99. 

On a winter holiday, Skye falls in love with Johnny. But on their return to London, Johnny cuts off contact. Distraught, Skye inveigles herself back into his life, but will their love reignite? Then she finds an unlikely ally. Is anyone what they seem?   

“It’s about being lonely, and not heard; not believing you have a place in world unless someone else validates it.”

The Verdict: A brilliant, page turning novel with plenty of twists.  

Published in The Irish Examiner on 24th November.

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