Amy Cronin

Posted by Sue Leonard on Tuesday 22nd March 2022

A bookish, non-sporty child, Amy was always writing stories, and they were always dark and edgy.  

After college she moved to Northampton with her boyfriend, now husband.

            “I worked in the Avon headquarters, and I loved it,” she says. “I returned to interview for a civil service job and worked in the Department of Agriculture and the Department for Social Protection.”

Six years ago, Amy took a five-year career break in order to focus on her two young children. Deciding, towards the end of the break to look for a part-time job, she was searching for her CV, when she found a chapter she had written about a character, Anna Clarke.

            “I thought about her, and soon had a full book in my head. I started writing, grabbing minutes in the car, and in 2020, when I was halfway through, I started writing feverishly as an escape.

            “I sent the manuscript off in Summer 2020 and got a three-book deal in September.”

Who is Amy Cronin?

Date of birth: 1980 in Cork.

Education:  St Peter’s in Passage West. University College Cork for a year, Arts with English, then Economics. Cork Institute of Technology, BA in Business, MA in Management.  

Home: Oysterhaven, County Cork.

Family: Husband, Kevin. Fionn, 8, and Ciara, 7.

The Day Job:  Fulltime writer.

In Another Life: “I’d be a private investigator. I’d be Jessica Fletcher. She has the dream job.”

Favourite Writers: Andrea Mara; Ian Rankin; Catherine Kirwan; Tadgh Coakley; Michelle Dunne; Sam Blake.

Second Novel: The second in the trilogy, Twisted Truth will be out in the Autumn. (It’s already available on Kindle.)  

Top Tip: “Writing can be a lonely job. Link up to other writers for conversations, and support.”

Twitter: @amycroninauthor

The Debut: Blinding Lies. Poolbeg Crimson: €15. Kindle: €1.20.

Anna Clarke works in admin in a Garda Station, but she can’t help becoming involved in various investigations. Not when her parents disappeared so mysteriously, some years ago; nor when a former schoolfriend, Kate Crowley, becomes the main suspect in a murder case.

Anna is determined to help Kate – but that means mixing with Cork’s main criminal gang, who are out for revenge – not to mention the lethal German Meier brothers.

The Verdict: Dark, twisty and action packed.

Published in the Irish Examiner on 12th March

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