Alice Oseman

Posted by Sue Leonard on Monday 29th December 2014


Published in the Irish Examiner on 27th December

Alice Oseman

Alice can’t remember a time when she hasn’t been writing stories. She’s a prolific reader too.

“I wrote this story about teenagers and school, for fun, and when it was finished, I thought, maybe I  should try and get it published.”

Just 17, Alice started Googleing to find out how, and she sent her manuscripts out to various agents. Claire Wilson of Rogers, Coleridge and Wright liked it and asked to meet Alice.

“She spent six months helping me to get the manuscript better, then it went out for submission. There were a few offers.” The book has sold to fourteen different countries.

Alice is hoping to become a full time author. But after university, she wants to spend time travelling.

“I’ve love to do a road-trip across America.”

Who is Alice Oseman

Date of birth: 16th October 1994, in  Chatham, Kent.

Education: All girls Grammar School, Took A’Levels in English Literature, Maths, Art and History.  Durham University: Currently in second year, studying English.

Home: A village near Rochester.

Family: Parents,  younger brother, William, 14.

The Day Job: Student.

Interests: I’ve always loved art and I play the piano.

Favourite Writers: Brett Eastern Ellis; he wrote American Psycho, and was a definite influence. Patrick Ness. I’ve read all their books. Recently I read  Maggot Moon by Sally Gardiner. It was amazing.

Second Novel: I have a two book deal. The second isn’t a sequel, but it is about school. I’m enjoying writing it whenever I have a spare evening.

Top Writing Tip: Write exactly what you want to write and what you love; that will make the best book.

Web:  Twitter: @aliceoseman

The Debut: Solitaire. Harper Collins:  €11.95 Kindle: Sold in three parts. €0.00, €1.66, and €1.99.

Tori Spelling is perpetually sad. She loves to blog and to sleep, but life is worrying. Her brother isn’t right, and she doesn’t much like her mother. Then there’s Michael Holden – the guy with the big glasses. He’s always around but Tori doesn’t like him. Really she doesn’t.

“I wrote this for people my age. I love it when people relate to it and say they feel they understand what it is to be a teenager.”

 The Verdict: Startlingly perceptive. Alice is an author to watch.

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