Adrian Harte

Posted by Sue Leonard on Sunday 2nd December 2018

Adrian came from a bookish family of five kids.

“I’ve always loved reading. We went to the library in Ballybay at least once a week.” 

Wanting to be a writer, he remembers sending short stories out to Ireland’s Own.

“But I never had the graw for fiction.”

Deciding he’d prefer to be a journalist, Adrian got a summer job with the Northern Standard in Monaghan.

“I was 15 – and worked with them for two or three summers. Then, when I finished university they gave me a fulltime job.”

He loved it, and through all the different writing – the court reporting, town council reports, and writing obituaries, he learned how to be sensitive.

“You realise the people you write about are affected by what you report.”

After three years, a college friend told him UEFA were looking for an enthusiastic young football fan to start a website.

“I moved to Switzerland to take up the post. That was 1997.”

After three years, Adrian moved to London, working on a sport website for the BBC.

“And I did some freelance work, subediting for the Guardian.”

Then it was back to Switzerland again.

“I’ve been working for EUFA, on an off, ever since.”

Who is Adrian Harte 

Date of birth: 13th May, 1974, in Monaghan.

Education:  St Macartan’s in Monaghan; UCD History and politics.

Home: Aubonne, Switzerland.

Family: Wife Christel, married 8 years Elliott, 5, Eloise, 3.

The Day Job: “I work in the media and PR department at UEFA.”

In Another Life: “I’d be either a footballer, or a lead guitarist.”

Favourite Writers: William Boyd; Eugene McCabe; Joseph O’Connor; Wil Self.

Second Novel: “There’s nothing concrete. It might be a ghosted football biography.”

Top Tip: “Know when to stop the research. You have to sit down and start writing.”

Website: Twitter: @theonlyMUFC

The Debut: Small Victories. The True Story of Faith No More. Outline Press Ltd: €20.20. Kindle: €8.98 

Obsessed with Faith No More since he was a teenager, Adrian set up a fan page for the band when they reunited, and, through that, he got to know them. The candid interviews enliven this definitive biography.

The Verdict: A vivid and passionate account of a band who, over 35 years, succeeding in doing things their own way.

Published in The Irish Examiner on 13th October, 2018.

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