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Posted by Sue Leonard on Monday 21st August 2017

Before attending university, Sarah spent a year in Austria working as an au pair. Gaining her degree at 23, she worked in London for a high-school exchange programme, but at 29, she switched to publishing.

“I ran the marketing and publicity team for Pearsons. And I wrote at weekends.”

After four years, her boyfriend, now husband, and she set off for Seattle.

“I worked for a publishing house and an arts organisation. I wrote, and our first son was born.”

Four years later, they moved to Dublin, staying three years.

“I worked for a tiny publisher, and our second son was born. He’s an Irish citizen.”

Sarah has written for publications including the Guardian, The Sunday Express, and The Seattle Times.


Who is Sarah Franklin.

Date of birth: 1971, in Gloucestershire.

Education:  Cambridge University: French and German.

Home:  Buckinghamshire; equal distance between London and Oxford.

Family: Husband Dave, sons Jonah, 11, and Lucas 9.

The Day Job: Teaching on the publishing course at Oxford Brookes University.

In Another Life: “I’ve always thought it would be the greatest fun being a sub-editor on a tabloid newspaper. Then you could write crushing puns as headlines.”

Favourite Writers: Anthony Doer; Sarah Moss; Lissa Evans; Dick Francis; William Finnegan.

Second Novel: “It’s contracted, and will be published in 2019. Set in the Forest of Dean, it’s  about two women who share a house.”

Top Tip: “When you run a marathon you put one step in front of another. When you write you put one word after another.”

Twitter: @SaraheFranklin

The Debut: Shelter. Zaffre: €14.52. Kindle: €7.23. 

It’s World War 11. Escaping the devastation of bombed Coventry for work in the Women’s Timber Corps in the Forest of Dean, Connie Grainger meets Seppe, an Italian prisoner of war. Each fighting demons, they find a kind of freedom. But where will they fit in a new world?

“I’ve always thought of forests as places of safety. When Cameron decided to sell off forest land I was horrified, and wrote a piece for the Guardian. I was trying to write a novel, and when I discovered the forest had contained a large prisoner of war camp, the idea for the novel came.”

The Verdict: A mesmerising wartime story about identity.


Published in the Irish Examiner on  12th August,

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