Ruth Ware

Posted by Sue Leonard on Tuesday 4th August 2015

Ruth has always written stories. As a teenager, the stories became longer and longer – the size of full length books. But it was a while before she actually became a writer. After university she spent time in Paris, teaching English as a foreign language, then, returning to London, she became a publisher’s publicity agent.

“I did that for 14 years, going part time after I had my children. I was still writing, but, working with such amazing book, I hadn’t the confidence to send mine out. I stored them under my bed.”

Ruth kicked off her writing career writing YA novels; writing five under the name Ruth Warburton.

“Then I got the idea for my debut thriller,” she says.

Who is Ruth Ware

Date of birth: 1977, in West Sussex; brought up in East Sussex.

Education: Priory School, Lewes; Manchester University, English.

Home:  North London.

Family: Husband Ian, and two sons. Two cats.

The Day Job: Fulltime Writer.

Interests:  Cooking and eating; “And I love walking.”

Favourite Writers: Agatha Christie; Josephine Tey; Dorothy Sayers; T.S Eliot, and Nancy Mitford. “I love Mitford’s combination of comedy and sadness.”

Second Novel:  “I’m writing one. It’s about a murder on a cruise.”

Top Writing Tip: “To just do it, and not keep saying, ‘I would love to if only I had the time.’ Also enjoy it; especially when you don’t have a contract. If you’re not being paid, and you don’t enjoy it, what’s the point of doing it?”

Web:   Twitter: @RuthWarewriter

 The Debut: In a Dark, Dark Wood. Harvill Secker: €17.99.    Kindle: €8.39. 

When Nora gets an invitation to Clare’s hen night, she’s mystified. A best friend in childhood, the two have been out of contact for 10 years. She accepts, and finds herself in the middle of nowhere with no phone reception. And everything goes horribly wrong.

“The book came out of all the hen nights I’ve been to. A friend said she had never read a thriller about a hen night, I hadn’t either, and it seemed such an obvious setting. There’s alcohol, people are at a pressure point in life, and emotions run high.”

The Verdict: It gave me a sleepless night. I read it until 2.00am, then lay awake haunted by it.

Published in the Irish Examiner, 1st August, 2015.

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