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Posted by Sue Leonard on Wednesday 19th April 2017

The son of writer Lee Dunne, Peter started writing in his teens. And, after penning some terrible novels, he got a publishing deal at 25.

“I was thrilled, but it fell apart very quickly, because I couldn’t handle the rewrites.”

Meanwhile, eschewing college, Peter worked in a pub; then as an office assistant, before getting into films through PR.

“And I’ve been working in the film industry ever since.”

Peter worked in senior posts for several major studios, before specialising in Family Entertainment and Animation.

Looking back at his life, aged 50, wondering what his legacy was, he realised his best achievement was his three children.

“I wanted to leave them with a love letter; and for them to have a road map.”

He wrote a series of blogs, and his children read them.

“I thought that was the end of it.”

Then a colleague on the board of The Groucho Club Award panel read the blog, and recognising that there was a book in it, found Peter an agent.

“I’ve always wanted to write a book, but in the end it came about by accident,” he says.  “I was worried that the book would expose the children, but they’ve been great about it.”

Who is Peter Dunne. 

Date of birth: 1963 in East Sheen in London.

Education:  Emanuel School, in South West London. “I hated it.”

Home:  North West Herefordshire.

Family: Wife Joanna, Charlie 19, Amelia,17 and Esme, 15.

The Day Job: International marketing consultant in the Film Industry, and writer.

In Another Life:  “I’d have been a horse vet.”

Favourite Writers: HE Bates; Nancy Mitford; T.H. White; Stella Gibbons; Sam Llewellyn; JK Rowling; JP Donleavy; William Blake.

Second Novel: “I’m writing a novel – a kind of cosy crime murder mystery.”

Top Tip: “Try not to judge your book. Enjoy the journey, and don’t worry too much about the destination.”

Web:  Twitter: @peterdunne

The Debut: The 50 Things. Trapeze: €17.31  Kindle: €7.99 

These letters – or essays, might have been aimed at Dunne’s children, but his thoughts and stories on Honesty, Confidence, and the other 48 things, give a brilliant blueprint for anyone wishing to live a more fruitful and caring life.

The Verdict: I loved this book. It’s compassionate, thought provoking, and wise.

Published in The Irish Examiner on 15th April.

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