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Posted by Sue Leonard on Saturday 2nd March 2019

Nicole wrote ‘bad poetry’ and some stories as a teenager but stopped when she went to college.

“I was a better reader than a writer. And I did a lot of theatre as a teenager. I entered competitions and was a complete theatre nerd.”

After taking her MA at 24, Nicole worked in a card shop, and a pub, then became an intern at Lilliput Press.

“Then they gave me a job. It was great. I learned a lot there. I had my first story published in the Stinging Fly. After that I went to New York, and worked in all kinds of jobs, including publisher’s assistant.

“I came home and moved to Galway and decided to commit more to writing. I had two more stories published, and I won The White Review Short Story Prize for Track.”

Declan Meade, of The Stinging Fly asked if he could publish a collection.

“And alongside writing them, I wrote a lot of books reviews, and some freelance stuff. I did some teaching and had a residency at the Irish Cultural Centre in Paris. And I won a Next Generation Bursary. That was a huge boost.”

Nicole now has a six figure two book deal from Bloomsbury. 


Who is Nicole Flattery?

Date of birth: September 1989,

Education:  Loretto Mullingar. Trinity College Dublin: Theatre and Film, MA Creative Writing.

Home: Galway.

Family: “A Boyfriend. Dad was a teacher in Tullamore. Mum was an accountant; my elder sister is a teacher.”

In Another Life: “I’d love to have unlimited focus. And to be interested in music. I feel I have a cultural gap.”

Favourite Writers: Lorrie Moore; Mary Gaitskill; Catherine Lacey; Jean Rhys; Donald Antrim.

Second Book: I’m writing a novel.

Top Tip: “Remain curious. Read, watch films and go and see art. You don’t know what will spark an idea.”

Website: Twitter: @nicoleflattery


The Debut: Show Them a Good Time: The Stinging Fly: €12.95. 

This fabulous collection shows lost characters struggling to make sense of their past – and their future. In the longest, Abortion, a Love Story, student friends Natasha and Lucy go on stage in an effort to make sense of their lives.

The Verdict: Unforgeable. A deliciously funny, yet poignant collection to savour and reread.  


Published in The Irish Examiner, 2nd March. 2019.

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