Melanie Murphy

Posted by Sue Leonard on Sunday 21st January 2018

When Melanie was young, she wanted to be a teacher, but, being terrible at Irish, she didn’t get enough points in her Leaving Certificate.

“I was really upset,” she says. “I worked in shops, and then I went back to do a PLC course, in order to get into college. I came top in the class!”

“I started YouTubing in my final year in college, as a hobby. I started small, but a video I’d done on acne went viral, getting 18 million views. I launched my channel in 2014 – soon after I left college. If it hadn’t happened so fast, I don’t think I would have done it. It wouldn’t have seemed like a possibility for a job.”

Making the videos helped Melanie work through her anxiety. An award-winning lifestyle YouTuber, Melanie has now reached almost fifty million people. She has also worked on a short film, and would like to do more film work in the future.

“I’d like to work with people in a social enterprise capacity. I’ll try out various things; it’s throwing things at walls to see what sticks.”


Who is Melanie Murphy

Date of birth: 14th August 1989 in North Dublin.

Education:  Secondary school in Navan, County Meath. Dublin City University: Education and Training, (1st class honours).

Home: North Dublin.

Family: Dad, Mum and stepdad, sister and brother. Boyfriend, Thomas O’Rourke.

The Day Job: YouTuber, company director and content creator.

In Another Life: “I’d be a really amazing director and actor.”

Favourite Writers: Philip Pullman; JK Rowling; Rupi Kaur; John Green. Tolkien.

Second Book: “It will probably be fiction. I started a novel during my degree, and got 60,000 words in.”

Top Tip: “I don’t write linearly. I dive in and write whatever section I feel like writing that day; otherwise I’d write nothing.”

Web:  Twitter: @melaniietweets

The Debut: Fully Functioning Human (Almost) Hachette Books Ireland: €14.99   Kindle: €10.16. 

Detailing her life in an online, offline world, Melanie talks about all the issues that effect young women today. She covers everything from beauty to sex, and sexual identity in a chatty and accessible way.

“I hope reading it will help people work through their issues.” 

The Verdict: A perfect guide to life for teenagers. Open, honest, and comprehensive.

Published in The Irish Examiner on 9th December. 

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