Meg Grehan

Posted by Sue Leonard on Friday 21st July 2017

A keen writer as a child, Meg stopped at college because she was too busy. When she left she was feeling a bit down, and she moved, with her girlfriend, to Donegal.

“It was a snap decision. My girlfriend came from there, but I’d never even visited before we moved. Luckily, I love it!”

Meg worked for the Donegal Music Education Partnership, as the performing groups coordinator organising the orchestras.

“I did that for a while. I loved it, but I gave up because my anxiety was catching up with me.” 

Hemmed in at home by her anxiety, Meg started writing her debut in April 2016.

“It came in a flash. I wrote it, mostly, because mental illness is hard to talk about. There is an embarrassment. I thought, if I write it down nobody will see it. It was the sort of book I would have like to have read.”

In the future, Meg hopes to write more books.

“And I’d love to write plays. But mostly, I want to be happy, and be able to do the things I couldn’t do before.”

Who is Meg Grehan

Date of birth: 30th November 1991 in Dublin.

Education:  St Louis secondary school, Dundalk.  “I loved it!”  Technical Theatre in Inchicore.

Home:  Letterkenny, Donegal.

Family: Girlfriend, Caoimhe, and a King Charles Spaniel, George.

The Day Job: “I write a lot, and am still recovering.”

In Another Life: “I’ve always wanted to be a librarian, but in a massive, gigantic library.”

Favourite Writers:  Emma Donahue; Patrick Ness; Sarah Crossman; Deirdre Sullivan; Shakespeare.

Second Novel: “I’ve finished a second book. It’s verse again, but a very different story.”

Top Tip: “If the writing isn’t working, take a dance break. Dance until your brain works again.”

Twitter: @megcathwrites

The Debut: The Space Between. Little Island: €9.10 

Written in verse, this tender tale takes Beth through a year of acute anxiety. At the start, all is panic, but when she meets a dog, Mouse, and his owner, things start to improve.

“It’s about pushing through anxiety. It contains an amalgam of the things you can do for yourself.”

The Verdict: A tale of redemption through love; a beguiling read for anyone who suffers depressive illness, or who wants to understand it better.

 Published in The Irish Examiner, 15th July, 2017

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