Matt Padwick

Posted by Sue Leonard on Sunday 30th August 2015

Matt has kept journals since he was a child, and the detailed accounts he kept of his adventurous travels form the basis for his debut novel.

His travels began after college.

“I had amazing jobs in America, the Bahamas, Nepal, India, Australia and New Zealand. I worked the ski season. I was an adrenaline junkie. I could have killed myself a hundred times. I was risking my life to feel alive, but I was aware of a growing sense of emptiness.”

In 1998, looking for direction, Matt came across The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying.

“That took me to the Tibetan Buddhist Meditation Retreat Centre in the Beara Peninsular.”

He took a two year retreat; stayed on the staff for a further three years before managing the centre for ten years. Meanwhile he was writing; adapting his own experiences into a novel aimed at helping those in distress. 

Who is Matt Padwick?

Date of birth: 22nd June 1968, in Wales.

Education: Secondary School in Cowbridge, South Wales; Swansea University, Oceanology and Geology.

Home:  Castletownbere, County Cork.

Family: Wife Andrea and daughter Lauryn, 12.

The Day Job:  “I’m a waiter and a gardener. I’m also working with  The Well, bringing wellbeing into corporate groups.”

Interests:  Running and Kayaking.

Favourite Writers:  Jack Kerouac; Bruce Chatwin; Herman Hesse.

Second Novel:  “I’m writing one. It will be a sequel to this one.”

Top Writing Tip: “Write for now. Sometimes people worry what the writing will become.  Just write what’s in your head.”

Twitter: @Mattpadwick

The Debut: Running Contra Diction. Inner Temple Press: €13.54. Kindle: € 2.83. 

Ed spent years travelling the world, looking for thrills. A snowboarding and white water rafting addict, he pushes himself to the extreme. But nothing satisfying him. In fact, his exploits cause him a sense of emptiness, as he drifts further and further away from a sense of peace.

When he arrives in Ireland, he is still looking for the next rush. He doesn’t find it in the peace of the West of Ireland, but a stranger, finding him sitting on a beach, persuades him to stay for the winter. The novel follows his journey into recovery.

The Verdict: A self-help novel detailing Ed’s recovery through meditation and mindfulness.

 Published in The Irish Examiner, 29th August, 2015

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