Jed Lynch

Posted by Sue Leonard on Monday 4th November 2019

Jed has always been involved in something creative.

“I was the youngest of 7 children. The house was full of books. I read all kinds of stuff; everything from The Mallory Towers, to Nietzsche.”

There was always music in the house too, and Jed played several instruments.

“There would always be someone practising scales.”

At university Jed wrote music for theatre shows, and after that he wrote theatre shows.

“I wrote a musical about a giant, singing brain,” he says.

Jed has been writing for the theatre since.

“But one of the drawbacks, is that you need a bunch of people, and a theatre to put it on.”

Having decided to write a book, Jed thought he’d write something that his young nephews, Darragh and Cillian might be interested to read.

“I sent chunks to them, anonymously, and I set up an email account for the main character, Seamus the Turkey, so that they could write back. Then I sent another chunk. I wrote it, sporadically, over eight months. I wanted to write something about animals, but the character didn’t appear fully formed; I got to know him as I wrote the book.”

When he’d finished, he asked each nephew to send him illustrations.

“Then I produced a hard copy version for each of them, containing their illustrations. They’re a bit miffed that New Island used a different illustrator!”


Who is Jed Lynch?

Date of birth: 1982 in Cork.

Education:  CSN, Bishopstown. University College Cork, English.

Home: Cork City.

Family: Wife, a daughter, aged 2, and 20 nieces and nephews.

The Day Job: Writing instruction manuals.

In Another Life: “I’d play music. I play the piano, guitar, and violin and I sing at home, and my wife recently bought me a trumpet. She complains that I don’t practise enough.”

Favourite Writers: Raymond Chandler; Terry Pratchett; David Foster Wallace; WG Sebald.

Second Novel: “I’ve written the second in the series”

Top Tip: “Write something you would really like to read.”

The Debut: Murder Most Foul; The Free Range Detective Agency. Little Island: €10.   

When Seamus the turkey takes on a case involving a sinister snake, pigs with piercings and a meercat called Elvis, it all gets too much to take.

The Verdict: Funny, sweet, and beautifully illustrated by Stephen Stone.  

Published in The Irish Examiner on 19th October.

 © Sue J Leonard. 2019

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