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Posted by Sue Leonard on Monday 27th July 2015

After a difficult early life, Jax dropped out of school, and hitchhiked around America. There were bouts of drug taking and homelessness. At 22, in rehab, her Born Again Christian  counsellor suggested she write a journal, and, trying and failing to do that, “I hated it!” Jax wrote fiction instead.

“I did it for shock value, but my counsellor said it was the best thing he had ever read. And I’ve never stopped writing since.”

Meanwhile Jax moved to Ireland, and wrote a novel that, although unfinished, was nominated for the Debut Dagger Award. Then she got the idea for Freedom’s Child. A day after finishing it, Jax’s agent read it, and secured a six figure advance within days. It’s sold in over a dozen languages.

Who is Jax Miller – (Real name Aine O Domhnaill.)  

Date of birth: 1985 in New York

Education: High School dropout, dropped out at 16.

Home:  Enfield, County Meath.

Family: Husband John.

The Day Job: Fulltime writer. “I binge write. I might go weeks without writing then achieve 50 pages in two days. It depends on my mood.”

Interests: “I’m a comic book nerd, and a  film buff. I sing and play the violin. I was in a melodic metal band.”

Favourite Writers: “CS Lewis is my all time favourite. Also John Grisham, and Nelson DeMille.

Second Novel: It’s called This Neck of the Woods. “I’m at the crucial editing stages. I hope to have it ready for my agent in a few days.”

Top Writing Tip: “Don’t listen to anybody. Everyone has writing tips; I’ve tried so many, but they throw me off. You have to find your own voice, and listen to the drum in your head.”

Web: www.jaxmiller.com  Twitter: @JaxMillerAuthor

The Debut:  Freedom’s Child. Harper Collins: €18.33. Kindle: €9.86.

Freedom Oliver works in the local bar, and likes to drink. Under witness protection, having been accused of her husband’s murder, she put her children up for adoption. And when her daughter goes missing, she slips her handlers, determined to find her. But danger lurks for her, and not just in the expected places.


“The book is tough and gritty, but it’s also a woman’s spiritual journey.”

The Verdict:  Flawed and fearless, Freedom is a true original.

Published in The Irish Examiner on 25th July, 2015

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