Herta Feely

Posted by Sue Leonard on Thursday 27th October 2016

Born in Yugoslavia, Herta grew up in Germany, and then, from when she was seven, in the USA. After College she moved to Washington DC, where she worked as a freelance doing  publicity and press for various organisations.

Working with a paediatric trauma surgeon, she co-founded the Safe Kids Programme, setting it up, before taking the idea abroad.

“Then I had my two sons, and I decided to stay at home.”

In the 1990’s Herta started writing in earnest. She won two fellowships for a novel in progress, and has ghost-written three memoirs.

Who is Herta Feely?

Date of birth: “I’m in my early sixties.”

Education:  University of California, Berkeley, History, completing studies at the Graduate Journalism Programme. John Hopkins University; MA in writing.

Home:  Washington DC

Family: Husband Jim, sons Max and Jack. “And two cats, Monty and Albert.”

The Day Job: Fulltime writer and editor, writing coach and ghost-writer at Chrysalis Editorial, a company she founded.

Interests: Travel; Hiking; Gardening.

Favourite Writers: Anthony Doerr; Emily St John Mandel; Liane Moriarty; Jo Nesbo; Tana French; Ian McEwan; Cormac McCarthy; Margaret Atwood.

Second Novel: “The working title is All fall Down. I’m two thirds of the way through it.”

Top Tip: “Don’t get so attached to your book, that you can’t move on to another one.”

Web: www.hertafeely.com   Twitter: @hertafeely

The Debut: Saving Phoebe Murrow. Twenty7: €8.99.  Kindle: €4.42. 

Mother of two Isobel Murrow is passionate about her two children. A career woman, she tries, so hard, to keep tabs on her teenage daughter. But it’s hard, when other parents are less stringent. How can she keep Phoebe safe, in an age of cyber bullying and temptation?

When the worst happens, and Phoebe attempts suicide, Isobel is determined to seek justice. But who is Shane, Phoebe’s Facebook friend turned tormentor?

“I got the idea from an article in the Washington Post. I became intrigued by the notion of cyber-bullying, but didn’t want it to be based on that real story. When I finished the novel, I realised it carried emotional truth. I understood Phoebe’s feelings because I once felt sensitive and misunderstood. There was a part of me in each of the characters.” 

The Verdict: An addictive roller-coaster of a read to put fear in every parent’s heart.

Published in the Irish Examiner on 22nd October, 2016.

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