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Posted by Sue Leonard on Friday 1st December 2017

Writing is Emma’s first love, but she works as a classical clarinettist. For twenty years she performed in orchestras, and chamber music, playing anything from opera to Phantom of the Opera, from arena concerts with Jose Carreras, to trios for weddings.

“I loved performing, but I missed writing, so I took it up again in my thirties.

Emma had written two unpublished manuscripts, and won two short story competitions before penning her debut. An editor contacted her, to ask what she’d been working on since her story wins, and seven months later she published Resurrection Bay.

Who is Emma Viskic 

Date of birth: 1968 in Melbourne, Australia.

Education:  Karingal High School. Victorian College of the Arts: Music, (Clarinet.)

Rotterdam Conservatorium, The Netherlands: Post graduate degree: in clarinet.

Home: Melbourne.

Family: A husband and two daughters; a scruffy dog, Otto, and three chickens, Tuffy, Scruffy and Fluffy.

The Day Job: A clarinet player, and teacher.

In Another Life: “I’d love to be an artist of some kind. I have just enough skill to appreciate what real painters and sculptors can do, and not a scrap more.”

Favourite Writers: Hillary Mantel, Kate Atkinson, Elizabeth Strout, Vikram Seth, Peter Temple, Ali Smith.

Second Novel: “I’ve written the second Caleb Zelic novel, And Fire Came Down, which begins seven months after Resurrection Bay, for publication next year.”

Top Tip: “Nothing you write is a waste of time. Some days you slog through a thousand terrible words and only write one good sentence. Don’t regret those thousand words, because they led you to that sentence.”

Web: www.emma-viskic.com Twitter: @EmmaViskic

The Debut: Resurrection Bay: Pushkin Vertigo: €14.50.   Kindle: €5.29. 

Caleb’s childhood friend has been brutally murdered. Tortured by guilt, Caleb vows to find his killer. But that’s tough, when you’re profoundly death, and misread lips can lead to trouble.

“Caleb was partially inspired by a profoundly deaf girl I went to school with. I was so scared that I might get everything terribly wrong, that I abandoned the novel for six months. But I couldn’t stop thinking about Caleb, and wondering what his world would be like, so I began a five year process of research and writing.

The Verdict: A terrific new voice. Great writing, and credibly vulnerable characters.

Published in The Irish Examiner on 25th November.

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