Emelie Schepp

Posted by Sue Leonard on Sunday 9th October 2016

A prolific writer since childhood, Emelie worked as a project manager in advertising, but after 10 years she tired of it, because writing articles for work  didn’t satisfy her.

“It meant limiting my words, and I didn’t want a limit,” she says. “So I decided to write a book.”

Still working, Emelie wrote at night, finishing the first draft in 5 months. She sent it to publishers, but after six months, failing to gain any response, withdrew her submission, and decided to self publish. Massively successful, she was voted Sweden’s best crime writer for 2016, and, now conventionally published, the book has sold to 29 countries.

Who is Emelie Schepp?

Date of Birth: 5th of September 1979 in Motala, Sweden

Education:  Secondary school in Motala. Mid-Sweden University in Östersund; Economics, specialising in Tourism Studies.

Home:  Motala in Sweden

Family: Husband Henrik, Fillipa, 10, and Philip, 8.

The Day Job: Fulltime Writer.

Interests:  Horseriding, running, long walks, watching movies and TV, Travel.


Favourite Writers: Jo Nesbo; Lars Kepler; Lee Child; Roger Hobbs; Stieg Larsson.

Second Novel: Marked for Revenge, The second in the series featuring Jana Berzelius, will be released here next February, with the third, marked for Death, is scheduled for 2018.

Top Tip:  Set aside time to write a good story. It may sound simple, but it is really difficult, and absolutely necessary. Promote the book. Use social media, and create a website.

Web:  www.emelieschepp.se  Twitter @emelieschepp

The Debut: Marked for Life. Harlequin, Mira: €16.05 Kindle: €2.30. 

The head of Sweden’s migration board is brutally murdered. A child’s handprints are found nearby, and then the body of a small boy appears on a shoreline, along with the murder weapon. Was the murdered man, Hans Juhlèn involved in child trafficking?

The case disturbs the feisty Public Prosecutor, Jana Berzelius, not least because it brings up secrets from her past. She is determined to find the mastermind behind the crime before the police do.

”Many of my readers have a complicated relationship with Jana Berzelius,” says Emelie. “They simply don’t know whether they are supposed to love her or hate her.”

The Verdict: The pace is fast and furious; the plot twisty and compulsive; but it’s the character of Jana that gives this debut an extra zing.

Published in the Irish Examiner on October 8th.

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