Conor Bowman

Posted by Sue Leonard on Thursday 13th April 2017

Conor decided to be a writer at 14, when his English teacher, Des Egan, said, ‘Books don’t always have to be written by other people.’

“That really impacted on me,” says Conor. 

He wrote poems and songs before moving into short stories; and he started lots of novels, but he became a lawyer.

“I’ve been a barrister for 25 years; it suits me. I enjoy meeting people when they’re in trouble.”

His first completed novel was inspired by the year he spent studying in Cambridge. He has self-published two novels and two collections of short-stories.

Who is Conor Bowman.

Date of birth: 1965 in Galway.

Education:  Boarding school in Newbridge. University College Galway: Law and English.

Home:  Dunboyne, County Meath.

Family: Wife, Sylvia. Hannah, 21, Charlie,17, Ruth 14 and Zoe George, 11

The Day Job: Barrister. Junior Counsel at The Law Library of Ireland.

In Another Life: “I think I’d be a woman.”

Favourite Writers: “Graham Greene is my favourite, by a mile.” AM Holmes; Kirsten Bakis; JD Salinger.

Second Novel: “It’s about a kid who finds out he’s adopted, and his search to find his mum.”

Top Tip: “Don’t ever give up. You can try forever, but can only give up once. And when you do, everything you have done up to that point has gone. When you try, you use it all.”

The Debut: Horace Winter says Goodbye. Hachette Books Ireland: €16.10.  Kindle: €9.95. 

When Horace Winter retires from the bank he feels lost. He has no family, no friends, and absolutely no idea how to fill his time. Then he gets a devastating diagnosis, and decides to investigate why his life went so wrong all those years ago. In doing so, he finds redemption.

Horace has just one interest, passed on from his father. He collects butterflies. Obsessed with them, he classifies people as various butterflies, or as moths. But which is he?

“Years ago, one of our twins, Dexter, died, soon after his birth. At his funeral there was a butterfly in the church. For the next two Sundays I saw it again, and I wondered, do people come back? That gave me the idea to evaluate people like that.”  

The Verdict: A quirky, tender and compulsive read. Horace Winter will win your heart.

Published in The Irish Examiner on 15th April, 2017.  

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