Clare Daly

Posted by Sue Leonard on Sunday 21st January 2018

Clare’s original ambition was to be a film writer. And while she was at college, she worked part time in her local cinema.

“It was my dream job, because I could see the films for free.”

She became assistant to the marketing manager. He introduced her to all the film companies, and it led to a job as publicity and promotions manager with Clarence Pictures. The writing went into the background.

“I worked in the industry for twenty years, for various companies including 20th Century Fox. I was with Warner Brothers pictures for seven years. It was brilliant.”

Clare decided to give up work in 2008 on the birth of her first child, but then got calls from film companies wanting help.

“I slipped in and out of freelance work, and that suited me. I was the person they called when they were stuck.”

She started her debut five years ago. Her route to publication was peppered with rejection, so she decided to self-publish.

Who is Clare Daly

Date of birth: 11th August 1974, in Tallaght.

Education:  Tallaght Community School. Ballyfermot College, Broadcasting and journalism. Public Relations Institute of Ireland, Diploma in PR.

Home: Celbridge, County Kildare.

Family: Husband Vincent, Adam 11, and Grace, 9.

The Day Job: Part time Freelance film publicist and writer.

In Another Life: “I’d be a character in an Anne Rice novel, and I’d be living in New Orleans.”

Favourite Writers: John Connolly; Anne Rice; Stephen King; Elmore Leonard; Emily Bronte; Charles Dickens.

Second Novel: The follow up, to be published this summer. “And I’m also writing a supernatural detective novel.”

Top Tip: Don’t give up.

Web: Twitter: @cdalyireland

The Debut: Our Destiny is Blood: €12.99    € 3.99

Published in the Irish Examiner on 20th January, 2018

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