Cat Hogan

Posted by Sue Leonard on Monday 25th July 2016

Cat has always loved books. And, when she was a child, her imagination was stirred by her father.

“He had worked in the Merchant Navy, and then he joined Irish Lights. He would tell the four of us these stories of the sea.”

After school, Cat worked in the hospitality industry, eventually settling in Wexford’s Talbot Hotel.

“They put me on the Business Management Scheme and sent me to university.”

Later, gaining a law degree, Cat started drafting letters for friends to help their legal employment disputes.

“I went to court with them as a witness, and wrote the report and the rebuttal for them. I loved working with words.”

Cat started writing two years ago, encouraged by her friend, Eoin Colfer. She was still working in hospitality, but when her second baby arrived, six weeks early, she handed in her notice and finished the debut.

“Five months later I had my two book deal.”

Who is Cat Hogan

Date of birth: 29th September, 1978, in Wexford.

Education:  Bridgetown Vocational College. NUI Galway:  Business Studies and Hospitality Management. Through Carlow IT: Part-time Law Degree.

Home:  Wexford.

Family: Partner Dave, a musician. “He’s from Newcastle on Tyne. We met when his band toured Ireland.” Sons Joey 11, and Arthur 2.

The Day Job: Content writing for businesses.

Interests:  Music and Food. “I love everything about food.”

Favourite Writers: Ian McEwen; Wally Lamb; Stephen King; Eoin Colfer; Marian Keyes.

Second Novel:  “It’s another dark story of destruction and misery.”

Top Tip: Just do it, one word at a time. Write the first paragraph, and you have started your novel.

Twitter: @kittycathogan

The Debut: They All Fall Down. Poolbeg: €11.95  Kindle: €7.02 

Jen Harper, single mum to Danny, is bemused when her aunt’s will decrees that she must accept a housemate. Her fears prove groundless. Andy turns out to be a potential love interest. Things go well, until Andy’s friend Scott puts a spanner in the works.

Set in a Wexford fishing village, this character based tale conforms to the grip lit genre. There are thrills, and upsets, but real danger lies at its core. Will Jen get her wish to live quietly?

The Verdict: A full on, multi plotted, page turning thriller. 

Published in The Irish Examiner on 23rd July

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